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Your drive: you can't do the job well just because you have to

For some time in my life, I was under the impression that you can do the job well just because you "have to".

Mortgage, kids, partner, parents - you have certain responsibilities, aren't you? Hence just do the job. It doesn't matter if you like it or not.

That was so wrong of me. You can force yourself to continue doing what you don't love, but it is a short-sighted approach. If you continue to push yourself, it leads to fatigue, low motivation, decrease in performance and, in worst cases, to burnouts. 

Now it is apparent for me - drive and sparks in the eyes make all the difference. You can be happy doing the job if you like and enjoy every element. And it can be any job - important that you (and only you - don't listen to others) in love with it.

In my own case - when it became possible - I started shaping my jobs and tasks to make them more interesting. I was able to invent and decide my own projects. And, oh yes, joy was there. I remember projects that are successful and those which failed. But the sense of satisfaction and making the difference was always there.

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