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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Standard question that almost every recruiter asks during the interview. I used to ask it many times in the earlier years of my HR career. Applicants then bring you a lot of proper answers with examples from the guidebook "what to tell during the interview"...

And the candidates without an answer to that question considered as they have insufficient planning skills or simply are not ready for an interview.

Is it ok not to have such a longterm plan for your life? Imagine, that you answer "I don't have a plan...." on that recruiter's question!

Don't bring only the answers, that people expect from you. Nowadays to follow a standard career or even life patterns may lead you to the failure faster than to the success. Life and industries are changing so rapidly now, that there is no point to schedule for the 5 years of the career. Know your worth and who you are. Don't waste your life on trifles, trying to meet expectations of others.

If you know your actions for just a few next months - that is good enough to start the new stage of your life journey.

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