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Integral Coaching vs. Business Coaching: What is the difference?

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

A bit more about what I am doing now...

I have noticed that when talking about coaching, many people imagine either "Instagram experts" or business coaching which they see in the workplace.

I will not spend time on the former category🤣. Let's talk in more details about the latter.

Now the image of the coaching as a development technique is mainly assuming improving your performance in the office. You know the drill - management thinks that your work is not sufficient or your relations with peers and subordinates in the office are not going well, so they give you a chance to improve. Thus you get assigned to the coach, who will work with you to discuss what you are doing wrong and how you can "improve". And very often in those discussions, the only subject is what you can do to be a better corporate employee. Sounds familiar?

There is even corporate jargon - "he is being coached" - meaning that the career of the employee is at risk and management decided to try the last resort...

However, the integral coaching, which I practice, is not talking only about your work habits and technics. Humans are too complex creatures to be looked at from one angle only.

Usually, if there are some issues at work, those are signs of more complicated relations between your personality and environment, or within your family. Those are signs that you are not at peace with yourself.

You can not be "assigned to a coach". To start the coaching is the decision you consciously make and when you feel that you need it. While working with a professional coach, you establish trustful and intimate relationships. During the sessions, you can and should touch all aspects of your life - and transform them. Integral Coaching is about your whole life, about love to yourself, understanding your own needs, forming new shapes of your mind, body and heart. All answers you have inside you already. A good coach helps you to find them.

There is a vision, that in the future well-developed society everyone will have a coach to facilitate the growth and development.

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