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Live here and now

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

December is the month to sum up the year, isn't it😉?

One of the major conclusions I made for year 2020 - you have to live now, without waiting for later. Cause "later" may never come...

This year I often heard from my acquaintances the statement: "The pandemic will be over and then I will meet friends / go for vacation / dine in restaurant / do sport". The list of activities, which are waiting and postponed, goes on forever and unique for everyone.

Thought the pandemic we live in now is just one of many crises each of us experiences during our life time. And we use those periods of uncertainty to delay "for later" some important activities, positive emotions and impressions. We wait for calmer and easier relationship, understanding colleagues, higher salary and job, smarter boss.

However life does not wait until we sort out our expectations and crises. We grow up and getting older waiting for the changes, which "allow" us to start living the life we want. But those changes may never come...

I have decided one important thing.

If you can and want change something in your life - do it now. Change job, partner, city or country, interests. If you can not or do not want to change - just accept and face it.

But continue living and do not postpone some important and interesting things. Enjoy every minute of the day. Do not pay attention to your doubts. Accept the invite to the gathering you have always ignored before. Say "no" to what you do not like. Separate with that friend or partner, who drags you back.

Life is full of opportunities - and each of them can change you. Let them in - do not postpone your life.

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