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In my previous post, I wrote about the environment influencing us in childhood and how difficult it can be to go beyond such an influence and find your true self. Of course, it is not only attitudes from childhood that make us who we are. They are our basis, but we create ourselves. This is influenced by several factors, in my view.

1. The place where we live

Choosing a new apartment, city or even a country, we determine not just our place to live, but also our worldview. Ordinary things like how we get to work or recycle the garbage can greatly affect our way of thinking, attitudes towards life and those around us. Even changing the short morning sprint to the closest bus stop for a leisurely walk through a beautiful park until the next one, you can discover a lot of new things for yourself and in yourself, even if you have to wake up earlier to do this. In a comfortable home your decisions are different.

2. The people around us

I dedicated many posts to the relationships and will once again emphasize the important roles people play for our development. No matter how excessively rational it may sound, all your relationships need to be analyzed - what do they give you and what they take. Very often in coaching sessions, it turns out that it is possible to solve many requests only by addressing relationships.

3. Activities we do

Again, I did a few posts on the topic of your calling and finding your own business. Travelling, hobbies, job are all very important. But here I would like to draw attention not to our main activities, but to the routine. Analyze what you are actually spending most of your day on - I guarantee you will be surprised. Living here and now is not only doing what you love, it’s realizing how you live every day.

4. Sources of information

Have you ever seen another person's news feed? Did you have the feeling that you live in different worlds? Even if you subscribe to the same sources, different news may be shown to you - this is how smart algorithms work now. The information flow is far from the objectivity. The picture of the world is depends much on what we read, hear and see every day, but we rarely analyze our news stream or what goes on TV in the background. Sometimes it is very useful to filter the information flow, not just absorb.

5. Our conscious efforts

Last on the list, but first for the importance. You can have great talents, a happy childhood and a prosperous environment, but you still can't find yourself and remain unhappy. Or you can have nothing initially, but because of your efforts and craving for development, you can make yourself the one you want. The most important thing is not to forget - it all depends on every one of us! 

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