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Promotion will not help

You are tired of the work routine, same projects every year, budgeting cycles and reports. And you motivate yourself by saying: "Wait another year or two. There will be the promotion, which would change everything".

What makes you think that promotion ever changes anything?

Bigger salary and perks? I will share with you un Secret de Polichinelle - money bring satisfaction only until your basic needs are met. After that you gradually become the slave of things. More you buy - more you need. So new salary makes you happy for a couple of months only.

Larger responsibilities and status? For sure you will have them. Though, unless you learn to squeeze the utmost from your team and play politics with peers, those responsibilities mean longer working hours and weekends in the office.

What else is there? Possibility to make the world a better place? Give me a break - you are not serious. Bill Gates, Al Gore, Richard Branson (and list goes on) - they are trying hard and yet no visible results...

Promotion is a variation of one of the meta-narratives, which exist in our society. This is a narrative of "The island where everything turns out". A place where everything will be as you desire. However the faster you swim to that island, the further it is from you. Unreachable...

What is the answer? The promotion will not help you. Analyse what you don't like in the current role. See what is needed and what is not. Drop what is obsolete. Change - without waiting.

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