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Life goals

Once my son told me: "I would like to start playing polo, perhaps even make it part of my life. "But you don't even know how to ride a horse properly!" - was my immediate reply. "So what?" - he smiled. "It's easy enough!". In one month he was playing for his college team. Years later my son with his friend is developing first polo school in Ukraine!

And it stroke me in that initial moment of our conversation - this is what I have been missing for a major part of my life - the ability to set up truly ambitious goals! Being confident that you can do it, despite all circumstances.

We often underestimate our potential and tend to limit ourselves with "realistic and practical targets". We overcalculate the resources and exaggerate the risks, undermine our character just by thinking of negative outcomes and worrying over 'everyone's opinion'. At the end of the day, our ambitions end up in the same bottomless pit, along with unrealised dreams, non-invented things and missed opportunities.

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