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Is your work important?

Most probably this year I am not alone thinking that world is falling apart. Of course it is not the case, however it’s OK that we are looking for something stable and safe. You start analysing if you are protected. Is your job not only reasonably paid but also has any real value?

To stop the brain from panicking, I suggest to ask yourself several rational questions.

1. What do you change for better?

All of us are busy with some activities, but do they improve anything? For yourself, for company, for people around you, for the world in general? Even if that sounds abstract, I recommend looking especially at the last point - knowing that your job helps the world to become a better place brings enormous satisfaction.

2. Why your job is important?

Specifically, what or who makes your job important? Is it an important process you are responsible for? High status of the position? Also, does that importance exist outside of your company?

The less your value connected to the exact company, the better and easier you will feel on the labour market. Get independent and disconnect from the current management opinions - those are important only in the microcosm of your current company. Professional knowledge, rare expertise, universal skills - those are tangible indicators of your value.

3. Can you easily be replaced?

That's a tricky question. The longer you work, the harder it is to answer "Yes". Hence trust my 21 years of HR experience - there are no irreplaceable people in corporations. However, it doesn't mean that you are not valued or you need to resign immediately. Just remember that simple fact and get maximum benefits and satisfaction from what you do now.

The world is full of opportunities and ways to develop, now you are following one of them. Please remember that if something doesn't satisfy you in the current role or place, you can always change it.
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