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I'm __ year old, and I have not achieved anything

Just add your age instead of empty space...

Usually, such thoughts come to people on the eve of their anniversary.

I myself managed to avoid this so far, but I see that that is an insight for many.

Oddly enough, I think these are good thoughts, because behind them is a desire to change your life, and it can be turned into action.

1. Get out of someone else's coordinate system.

You know that the categories of norms differ in different communities. Imagine that you are wealthy enough, do not depend on anyone and find yourself in a different culture. What are you going to do?

Think - which of your current ideas of success is yours, and which is imposed by the environment. Write down, concentrate on your own - these are your guidelines.

2. Change "categorical" to "analytical".

"I have achieved nothing", "everyone else is better" - do you feel the emotional color? You need to get away from "everyone" and "nothing", to analyze specifically what you are proud of, what you would like to improve. There are many tools, for example, a circle of life balance.

Instead of "everyone is better", make a list of who inspires you. What qualities would you like to develop in yourself, what exactly to achieve? As a result, you will have a guide to action.

3. Don't dwell only on the material things.

The wish to have a comfortable home and stuff for your family happy living is understandable and inherent in nature, but if material thoughts prevail in the list of your goals, it is the reason to worry.

There will always be newer cars, bigger houses, more fashionable things that you want to buy. Analyze why you want this or that thing. A new apartment? It may be worth a change of decor or renovation in the current one. A fashionable novelty? What feeling will it give you? It might be worth working on this.

Marketers, bloggers turn to your hidden desires to sell you more stuff. This is how the market works - don't be hostage to it.

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