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How to deal with hurt feelings?

One of the most popular problems. What to do with resentment and hurt feelings, which are eating us from inside. Everyone has those unpleasant situations, which keep surfacing in our memory. We circle them in our head, every time trying to find a better solution to that event in the past. Such thoughts are often destructive and don't allow us to move on.

Answer from all psychologists - let go of the situation and the person who hurt you. However how to do it practically?

Those methods work for me:

• Talk to that person, if it is still possible. What exactly they meant by their words? Was it intentional action or just spontaneous reaction, which they regret now? Is it possible to repair the damage?

• Change priorities and environment - exclude the person from your life;

• To feel sorry for that person - most probably, they are unhappy and alone in life. Their only joy is to hurt someone and watch them suffer. Visualization of the miserable life of such people - very positive instrument to let go and live your life;

• Don't show that situation is important for you - no need to give those people a reason to believe they have some power over you. Sometimes such people thrive on others' negative emotions.

• Look at your life beyond that resentment. Enjoy many things you have achieved. You will see how insignificant was that old story which is bothering you.

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