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First step to start your own business

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

A million-dollar question - what is the crucial first step to do when starting own business? Some brilliant idea or product? Cash to start? Social networks to promote?

My experience is different - to start something new successfully you need the support from some close person or persons!! The road will be the bumpy one with a lot of dead-ends and dangerous curves. So you shall find a co-pilot or a team, who will be ready to advise when you are in doubt, point you in the right direction when you are lost, genuinely share the joy when you are winning.

You will need an idea, product, money, even social networks eventually, but at a later stage. Secure your network of support first!

By the way - it is one of my favourite exercises in coaching. In one of the initial sessions, I am asking coaches to draw their network of support. Whom they are turning to when they need something? The exercise provides a clear view on what are your strongly supported areas and where you would need to work more.

Try to draw your network of support.

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