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Fire in the eyes

Often when looking for a job, you can hear that "fire in the eyes" of the candidate plays a key role.

Companies are looking for passionate motivated employees, and so did I in the past. However, now I think that "sparkling eyes" are not a guarantee of the success for both parties.

First of all, you need to understand that the one who "flames" can burn out much earlier than those who just work from 9 to 6. Like any fire, such an employee must be monitored and supported, and this is additional work, which not every manager is prepared for.

Each person with sparkling eyes has their motivation, which is not immediately visible. If a person is driven by the successful completion of projects, they may not be able to withstand the bureaucracy and routine, if the motive is the application of their unique skills and knowledge, there may be difficulties with inevitable auxiliary processes. Examples can be given endlessly, the result is the same - disappointment and motivation of such a person.

Fire in the eyes are emotions about the work, and when hiring, both parties need to be as rational as possible. Motivated people need to understand what they are ready for, in addition to their favourite activities that drive them. Employers should soberly assess the functionality of the position for which they are hiring and realize that an emotionally motivated employee is not always a solution to problems, but an additional responsibility.

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