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Education system: where are we going

"Every time I pass by school or prison, I feel sorry for those who are inside".

Society is on the cross-roads now and reinventing many processes and systems. Except for the education system, which is supposed to support and guide all others.

The current education system was invented in the industrial era when all workers had to "know their place" and employers needed standardized learning and replaceable "cogs" of the production process. Dozens of years later we keep teaching our kids discipline, diligence and obedience - and expect them to "think out of the box" when grown-up. Unfolding crisis and sudden move to remote studies mode have shown even more the archaic methods and weakness of the current education system.

To grow up as happy young adult now is an ever difficult task cause future roles and jobs perspectives are becoming less certain. The skills and knowledge children learn at schools and universities are not sufficient to compete for a career.

What could be the solutions? They are obvious, in my view.

Allow each kid to express themselves and reveal their unique personality. Encourage initiative, non-conformity, individuality, insubordination. Instead of the ability to pass tests, teach them the ability to learn, to seek new knowledge, to ask unusual questions.

Schools instead of standard impersonal institutions shall become colourful free-spirited creative studios. Teachers - to become project managers and coaches for their students.

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