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Sabbatical: is the value of that benefit so high as we used to think

I am sure, everyone had this idea at least once in their career...

... to take a few months gap (knowing that your employer will take you back after😉), revise your life, work on some personal project, spend time with your dear ones. Sounds like a dream, isn't it?

Option of the sabbatical shall now be in the employment benefits list of any serious company - same as flexible working hours, 4-days work week, part-time employment. I have no doubts about that.

However, is the value of the sabbatical so high as we used to think? Will you be able to have qualitative long break out of a permanent job, if you are stressed, tired or burned out during all those years of the constant rat race they call the modern-day career path? Or you will just spend the biggest portion of that sabbatical recovering and rediscovering normal yourself?

My answer to this - don't wait for a sabbatical, which may never come. And start a normal balanced life already now. Make an inventory of your life in all its aspects - relationships, health, career, goals. Remove what is not needed or what is dragging you down. Start doing some sport - your body will be grateful. Take shorter but frequent breaks - don't accumulate vacation days. And you will see how the quality of life will be changing.

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