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You are great: why do you need to praise yourself

1. It's appropriate.

Most of us live in a world where self-praise is considered indecent. But have you ever wondered where it came from? Why is it so easy for us to criticize ourselves, but we need extra work to learn how to praise ourselves? Probably many of you will find their origins in childhood, but what about now?

We are already adults, let's look at ourselves objectively. "I am doing my job well", "I cook deliciously", "I washed the dishes right after eating", if this is true, then such "confessions" only cause your positive mood and respect from others.

2. It's objective.

Criticism and praise are a judgment by it's nature. But if you open any reviews page, you'll see mostly negative comments.

Same about life, we consider good things as the norm, paying attention only to the bad stuff. But doesn't this distort our assessment? What can we say about ourselves in the end if we focus on the negative?

There must be a balance, be objective.

3. They don't lie to you.

Not being able to praise ourselves, we do not know how to receive praise from others. In every compliment, we look for some kind of catch.

But even assuming we are being flattered, why do we feel so uncomfortable? Why do we think we must deserve it?

This is rather strange behaviour for an adult who adequately evaluates himself.

4. You have nothing to lose.

And of course, if we do not know how to praise ourselves and receive praise, it is difficult to appreciate others. Something truly remarkable has to be done to deserve our praise.

But praise, like "likes", has no limit, and approving someone does not take anything from us, but only gives, because we share positive emotions that are converted into friendship and cost us nothing.

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