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Where are you from?

As soon as you were born, your personality, values and system of interpretation are being shaped by the environment - your parents, cultural norms, religion, later - by the school. You hear what is right and wrong, get rewards for some actions and the punishment for others. You are being told what you are expected to do in every stage of your life.

When you reach the age of early school years - the impact is already done. Your character and personality have soaked so much of the social code, that there is not much left of the genuine "You" - of your true abilities and potential.

Then it takes a tremendous amount of conscious efforts on the later stages to uncover what was suppressed, what was pushed into deeper levels of your mind and soul. That discovering journey is painful and uncomfortable - as you move against the flow. That is why not many people have the courage to even start it.

But this journey is essential if you want to grow and get out of the limitations of "what is expected from you by the place of the birth".

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