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When all of this will be over

"When will all this be over?" - an excellent question I got while gathering coaching subjects from you for November.

To answer shortly - I hope it will not be over soon. Cause the diversity and variety makes life interesting. I personally want that interesting life goes on longer.

The world has already changed beyond the point of no return. We need to get used to that fact.

However, what to do with all that pressure and feeling of the approaching catastrophe?

1. Accept the situation. Pandemic crisis is here for 10 months already. It has impacted the way we live and those changes are irreversible. Accept, adapt and evolve - that is all part of the development. (I will make another post about "New reality").

2. Analyse and evaluate your fears. We are mainly scared not by what is happening around, but by the fears that are growing inside us. One person is worried about the stable income and well-being, another - about kids and their future, someone is concerned about closed borders. Understand, what exactly worries you - it will be much easier to address it.

3. Look at things from greater historical perspective. I know that not everyone likes documentaries, but may be you have favourite movie or book. Even comparing to what was happening in 20th century the current affairs don't really look bad.

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