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What about money

Search for oneself, self-development, change of profession. It is all great, but where to get the money to finance all those cool things?

We often do our (sometimes not so favourite) jobs for one simple reason - cause we have bills to pay and mouths to feed. We don't enjoy our hobby and do not read good books because simply there is no time and strengths left for it. And the sad thing is that money we get for doing the job we don't love are also not enough for us - they disappear very quickly.

Vicious circle, isn't it? We will never get enough compensation for doing what we don't like - because to get over that dissatisfaction we activate "shopping mechanism", trying to buy ourselves more and more unnecessary things (which we call "improving quality of life").

In reality, there is a certain amount of money which is needed for a proper life. However many studies say that there is no connection between happiness and the amount of money you earn, as soon as basic needs are met.

Have you noticed, how many famous, rich and successful entrepreneurs, as well as just passionate people, live quite an ascetic and humble private life. They do have a sense of satisfaction about what they do - and they don't need much back. And everything that they earn, they re-invest, getting even richer.

Analyse what you critically need in life, what are your spending patterns. Do not get rid of the "unnecessary" immediately, though you may realise that you have some potential room for financial manoeuvres.

P.S. I do feel for those who are in unemployed situation because of the crisis. Today's post is not for you. And am ready to support you by offering free of charge coaching consultation, if you feel that need.

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