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Remote work 2.0

Remote working has entered it's 2.0 edition as we have started the second wave of lockdowns. By now we know those features: long working hours in front of the computer, no real borders between work and rest, efforts to share a space with spouses and kids, who are also stuck with you at home.

All of us learned all the lessons from the spring wave and know the tips how to make that period useful. Still, would like to offer one more. Spare the time - real valuable time - for those who is dear and important for you.

Many of us used the quarantine as an excuse to remove from our life people and stuff we don't like. Good step, but it is not enough, in my view.

Keep strong ties with real people (friends, colleagues, community). Phone calls and video meetings are inevitable, but allow yourself live contacts - whenever possible and following safety measures - with people who make your existence lighter and interesting. Humans are social animals - real world contacts are essential to remain sane and sound.

Remote working shouldn't mean to stay remote from life. New reality is with us for a long time - let's start learning how to live it and remain humans.

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