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Life just happens

"Life is so unfair to me!", or "Today something happened to me - I didn't deserve it", — I hear sometimes from the people around me. Then they blame injustice of the universe.

The trick is - life just happens. With or without you in it. It is not fair nor unfair. Powerful river of the events (dramatic and joyful, tectonic and small) flows constantly. Each of us (with the whole complexity of our personal inner worlds and emotions) is just one of the billions of particles, which are flowing in that river. And each one has the choice to make - to ride the waves of that river or get drowned blaming the life.

There is one interesting practice in the coaching called "Don't take yourself too seriously". It helps to reflect on when you are too attached to or impacted by events. And then - to lighten up and be open to possibilities which emerge around.

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