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Job lost during pandemic

That is the heavy and sensitive topic. I've gone myself through all spectrum of emotions when I lost my job just when the pandemic was unfolding across the globe. Realising that I don't have that "protection" which stable job gives, was frustrating. It was hard initially, but I am happy it has happened.

If you are in the same boat - serving the notice period or roaming the labor market already - below are several points which helped me.

First of all - there is nothing wrong with you. Staff dismissal is the easiest, first and simplest decision company management makes at unsteady times. It has nothing to do with your performance or personality. For company you are just a number in the books. So no need to blame yourself.

Decide, what is important for you in life. Education, income, family, peace of mind, balance - what really matters to you? Do you still want to spend next 5-10 years of your life doing what you have done so far? Or there are other priorities now?

Talk to someone whom you can trust - share the thoughts, search for advises, simply speak out those thoughts that bother you. There are hundreds people with the same experience - and they are ready to share your feelings. You will be amazed how many new ideas are generated in such informal talks.

Use that free time to complete the projects, which you have being delaying due to busy time at work. Or just take a break to do nothing - luxury that not often happens.

Besides working on my coaching career, I am improving my French knowledge, working on quadrocopter flying skills and even started making cider😎. Who knows - some of those hobbies might be my next passion.

List down anything you ever did and learned during the life - there could be some new activity you never thought of, but which is highly needed now on the market.

Use that unfortunate event of the job loss as an exciting start of your new life - even if it does sound strange and unreal now, you will soon realise how many new roads are opening for you. Pandemic is changing the whole world - thus opens opportunities.

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