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I have not achieved what I should have

My career is not successful enough... I don't have ideal relationships... The place where I live is not big enough... I am not that fit as I want to be...

Familiar thoughts, aren't they? Often I was also thinking that something is still missing in my life, that I need to have more, to be better, to be more successful.

However, in reality we usually have all what is necessary to live well. The point is to define the sense of all that for ourselves. It is not about a quantity or quality of stuff - it is about own identity. Is it important for me, is it my value or is it a pattern of the environment I exist in and I want to fit there?

If we reflect on what we already have, that would be quite an impressive list. Solid health and sound mind, river or park nearby, food and water, ability to travel, peace in the home country, smile of a friend. There are so many things we take for granted and forget to enjoy. And not only to enjoy, but appreciate as well.

Everything is alright with you. Feel what is really yours, continue to live and praise every new experience, being grateful for what is happening with and around you.

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