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Eye to Eye

When was the last time you have looked another person in the eyes? It could be a person, who is dear to you or, as a more courageous option, a stranger.

I have had that exercise during the recent module of PCC studies - looking into the eyes of the person you don't really know. It was so powerful and at the same time a strange feeling. But I liked it a lot - bonds, which you can build, are extraordinary. Try it sometime.

The thought that came to me - we have lost that degree of intimacy between us - sharing the same personal space, feelings, thoughts. Even looking into the eyes of the person, who sits in front of you, is a challenge nowadays.

That is why, in my opinion, we can't really solve anything in our world (be it global world or our small "cocoon"). We don't have that intimate relationship with anyone, we feel alone and frightened. And as a result - our first reactions to anything are aggression and violence.

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