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Disaster news

It was the term I used to describe one of the biggest international news agency around 10 years ago. Whenever you turn on TV, it was always something bad happening on that news channel. Conflicts, murders, frauds, political scandals - the list goes on. So I started to avoid that particular channel, referring to other news sources.

And recently I have noticed that overall public news agenda doesn't anymore bring anything light and positive. Every channel and every social media public has become "disaster news agency". Everywhere you have click baits, built on negativity. You open virtually any info source - after 10-15 minutes you feel everything is falling apart and there is no reason to live anymore.

How to deal with it? What are the solutions - except for total isolation?

One of my friends found one for herself - by selecting through "likes" and "smilies" she has built what I called "pink unicorn news stream". She has signed up to neutral and positive publics, where kittens and puppies compete for your attention. Live stream on her phone only displays news about scientific discoveries, marine life variety, travels to sunny beaches etc.

We had a debate with her - I consider that approach as an escape from reality, from the real world into a cocoon.

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