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Deadlines' culture

Have you noticed that we brought "deadline" as a term to all aspects of our lives? Check your calendar – I bet there are due dates for everything and not only in business life.

A few days ago I realised that I am planning my week with deadlines to finish book A and watch movie B. Suddenly, I was struck by the absence of emotions in this. Though reading and watching movies is one of my favourite pastime, there was no pleasure of anticipation of quiet time with a book or cosy evening enjoying the film. In my head were only time frames to finish what was planned.

Deadline is the biggest trap we have in our lives now. After closing one, immediately thinking about the next, because to be the hero of our time we have to be effective and stay on track.

We are giving the time-limits to the sense of life, trying to meet due dates we forget to enjoy the life in between. The taste of the process itself – making stuff and doing things – became optional.

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